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The Invisible Power within Foods

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Englische Ausgabe des Buches "Die unsichtbare Kraft in Lebensmitteln"

«The Invisible Power within Foods, A Comparison of ORGANIC & NONORGANIC»
Walter Dänzer

Quantum leap: Quality visible!

In many years of research the founder of a small food manufacturing company in Switzerland, Soyana, has found groundbreaking differences in organic and nonorganic foods, and he now published the results in a beautiful illustrated book at a favourable price.

In 1996, the author created a special laboratory in order to make the life force visible in food. His research has brought fantastic results. Their universal language is understood by children and makes it possible for consumers to make more informed decisions when purchasing food.

Because the authorities were not interested, the author turns to the consumers with a game-changing book.

272 pages with 753 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-905158-17-5